Honorata Moliter

psycholożka, psychoterapeutka, coach ACC, trenerka SDI

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My professional experiences and support can specially add value to two groups of clients:

Leaders, who:

  • want to create credible position for themselves in the organisation and derive gratification from their leadership role
  •  have been appointed to new leadership role lately and want to improve their skill set 
  • aim to build authentic relationships in their teams by broadening perspective on themselves and their colleagues
  • want to become masters in feedback (both giving and receiving)
  • want to create long-term relationships with subordinates and business partners based on trust
  • have courage to take up a challenge and redefine their goals if necessary
  • want to develop their skills and talents as well as experiment with new ones
  • are open for new perspectives of seeing others as well as increasing self-awareness

Individuals who wish to develop their career and

  • are looking for a new job
  • are considering making a significant career change
  • need to reflect on who they are and what they do and then act on this self-knowledge